NuvoH2O offers a simple & effective solution to hard water.

Using the power of citrus, NuvoH2O® binds hard minerals while reducing pH preventing scale build-up. It’s even effective at removing existing scale!

NuvoH2O® Systems are:

  • Whole-home salt-free water softener
  • 3rd party tested and proven effective
  • Safe for drinking, watering and pets
  • Healthy, Retaining beneficial mineral content
  • Eco-Friendly and Convenient
  • Professionally installed and warrantied*

Don’t let hard water get you down!

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What our customer are saying

  • As we are in an area where the water is not all that bad to begin with, we were not expecting miracles. Since install we have noticed the difference. Shower feels better, clothes are softer and the jets on the shower head are clearing p. The water spots have all but disappeared from the faucets.
    Brian W.
  • For the first four months I had to clean out the shower head and sink filters. As the system world, it was cleaning out the pipes. It sure made a difference to the taste of my water.
  • Replaced a Rainsoft Water Softening System. Initial results are promising. The water seems to taste better now and is probably better for you as no salt is used in the process. Installation was completed by a plumber, as I had to modify and old system.
  • It's doing the job. We are in an area that has very liuberalized water. I don't like salted water. This does the trick and leaves the water with a nice flavor and still soft enough for wash and eliminates mineral residue.
    Linda G.

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Proven Results

NuvoH2O’s technology has been proven in both commercial and residential applications. The technology was first used in commercial environments and was adapted for residential use more than 9 years ago.

Eco Friendly

NuvoH2O® systems do not require electricity or a nightly brine flush – not releasing contaminating salt solution and conserving energy.

Save on Utility Bills

NuvoH2O® Systems increase appliance efficiency by up to 30% using 4x less water than old-fashioned softeners.

Zero Water Waste

The water you put in is the water the house gets back.

Tested + Proven

NuvoH2O® has been tested and verified for efficacy by a third party.

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