How It Works

NuvoH2O is a revolutionary water softener that brings healthy, softer water into your home in two unique ways:

Old fashioned salt softeners REMOVE beneficial calcium from water while NuvoH2O binds to the calcium ions and changes it’s chemical structure. This process, called Chelation, prevents scale from forming on fixtures and appliances.

The citric acid in the CitraCharge cartridge also reduces and eventually removes existing scale formation.

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Straight from the Lab!

Chelation and Scale Formation
NuvoH2O uses citric acid for the process of Chelation. The citric acid binds to the minerals in hard water, commonly calcium and magnesium, and forms a bond with the CitraCharge cartridge within the NuvoH2O. This prevents the hard water minerals from binding to appliances, fixtures, and pipes which reduces scale buildup.

Our patented CitraCharge stops new scale from forming and prevents hard water spots on shower doors and windows. NuvoH2O keeps the hard minerals in the water but allows them to be washed away from your body, hair, sinks, tubs, shower doors and so much more. Not only do we prevent scale buildup through chelation, we preserve the health benefits of water by leaving naturally occurring Calcium and Magnesium.

pH and Scale Formation
pH, or presence of hydrogen, is a measurement of how basic or acidic a compound is and also helps determine the possibility of scale formation. The lower the pH, the more acidic the compound is. The higher the pH, the more basic it is. Pure water has a pH of 7, while hard water can have a pH of 7.2 to over 8. To bring a basic compound to a more neutral state, 7 pH, an acidic compound is added. To reduce the pH of hard water, NuvoH2O uses citric acid.
The citric acid used in CitraCharge is FDA approved and also a food grade citric acid. Meaning that it is the same citric acid used in soft drinks and candies. Citric Acid is a weak acid that occurs in fruits and vegetables like lemons, oranges, and rhubarb. Below is a pH scale showing the measurements of everyday items.

CitraCharge reduces the pH of hard water from a more basic state to a more neutral state. This change is done on a logarithmic scale, like the Richter scale for earthquakes, so even small changes can make a significant difference in scale formation. For example, if hard water is measured at 7.9 and is then decreased to 7.4 with the use of NuvoH2O, the water experiences a fifty-fold (50x) reduction in hydrogen ions.

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Independently Verified

The technology behind the NuvoH2O family of products has been in use for nearly 30 years. After years of success in commercial applications, the technology was adapted for residential markets more than 6 years ago. With the technology available to homeowner and the like, NuvoH2O has been installed in the United States, Canada, Europe, and also parts of Asia.

Battelle Laboratories, the worlds largest nonprofit research and development organization, independently verified the effectiveness of the NuvoH2O technology. NuvoH2O tasked Battelle to confirm and quantify the benefits of our salt free water softening system.

Battelle tested the NuvoH2O systems in the harshest conditions possible, by using tankless water heaters and very hard municipal water. Scale forms quickly on the electric heating elements in a tankless water heater. Battelle put the NuvoH2O systems through 2 phases of the test. The first phase tested the ability of the system to prevent scale formation over 2 years of water heater usage. The second phase tested the systems ability to remove existing scale from water heaters that had used untreated municipal water.

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Battelle Results

Upon the completion of the study, Batelle conducted a visual analysis of the heating elements. They tore down the NuvoH2O treated water heaters and compared the heating elements to the untreated water heaters. They also analyzed the heating elements of the water heaters exposed to hard water and then treated with NuvoH2O. Battelle concluded that NuvoH2O systems prevent the formation of scale and remove existing scale. Not only that, but the NuvoH2O systems can restore efficiency in the untreated water heaters, which is something traditional systems cannot do.

Under the harshest conditions, NuvoH2O prevented and reduced scale. We are confident that our product can prevent scale buildup in your home and protect it from current or further hard water damage!